Over the years, we have landed some collaborations and sponsorships of adventurers. Our food has been an important and satisfying part of these adventurers' expeditions. Some of these collaborations are presented below.


With another record under her belt, Johanna Davidsson has now returned to the coast of Antarctica. Not only did she become the fastest woman in the world to ski solo to the South Pole, but she also became the fastest ever round trip.

After more than 38 days of skiing, Johanna Davidsson reached the South Pole on Christmas Eve. After 18 days, this time with a kite, she reached the starting point of Hercules Inlet on the coast of Antarctica. She thus became the first Swede to make a return trip and also became the fastest woman ever to round the South Pole, a trip totalling 2 270 kilometres.

Johanna's comments on our food:

I have only positive things to say about the food. It was good that I had your food on my and my sister's Greenland expedition. That way I knew which dishes I liked and which ones didn't work so well. I had a few dishes that I had made myself because I was afraid I would get tired of freeze-dried food, but it would turn out that my own composed dishes were tasteless, lower in calories and worked poorly in the cold. Besides, I never got tired of your food. Every meal was mouth watering and I enjoyed the food. I think it also made it so that I had an appetite all the time and got all the nutrition.

Johanna Davidsson Soloist



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